2 Minuta Dreka (16.05.18)

2 Minuta Dreka are coming to Tokyo for a tour in the first half of June, so no better occasion to get some in-depth info about the band from their vocalist, Brandy. Seeming typos have been left in to preserve the integrity of the interviewee’s original answers. Thanks a lot to GGGG for hosting this interview.

Describe your evolution into a pervert.

The fist memory of a pervert was at elementary school when i was 6 years old. I was pretending to be sick because i didn’t want to be at school anymore and then i was waiting for my dad to pick me up and bring me home, i was waiting him at the teacher’s chair so i coulded look at eveyone in the class in front of me. I masturbated myself looking between the legs of one girl in front of me cause i coulded see her panty between her legs. When i got my first access to the internet i was patiently donwloading few seconds previews from porn movies and then ecoded them in Winamp so i coulded seen a few minute scene for free. Then i finally met japanese pornography and i became the God of hentai few moments later.

Describe your evolution into an extreme music enthusiast.

I always listened to punk music when i was a teen and then my encountering with the extreme happened when i first listened to Wretched, Negazione and Indigesti, three italian bands which used to be really fast and raw (as for japanese readers, they could be related to Gauze, The Stalin and Lip Cream). Then i started with grindcore bands like yacopsae, warsore, gore beyond necropsy and cripple bastards. Since it happened to meet some metal friends in my life i also listenend to Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and Morbid Angel but i’ve never considered myself as a metalhead mostly because of my anarchist attitude, i find myself more into punk philosophy. The most extreme shit i’ve ever heard it was Gerogerigegege, Masonna and Rancid Shit Wank.

Describe your evolution in coming to decide to create explicitly sexually themed music.

We’ve started as grind noisecore band against humanity because that was a sum of what every member of the band agreed as attitude to adopt. After years the first time i had to rebuild the band by myself chosing all new members, i took the chance to express my own personal real nature. Being hentai is also being anti human because perversion is not about making babies, but doing everything else with the same instruments, exept doing babies.

Do you have an interest in other themes besides extreme sex? If so, how do you incorporate those other themes into your main theme?

I just keep 2 Minuta Dreka as an extreme sex band, sometime i write romantic songs because i am very romantic, but this is the only exeption into the violence of our usual attitude. I would love to insert some crime/yakuza related lyrics but well… i will do it maybe later.

How do you view the appropriateness to extreme music of themes other than extreme sex? Do you see such other themes as effective in extreme music?

I believe in total freedom of expression. Extreme music isn’t born expressively for being associated to extreme sex themes, so i can understand that someone can write about something else. They have my permission.

Which is more important in your music, the music or the imagery, or are they both of equal importance?

To me the very important element is enjoying touring and eat exotic food. The imagery is very important because it makes me closer to the reality i really wanna live. The music is the most difficoult part because you need to meet people to make it and i am a very solitary person.

How do you rate Italy’s erotic and pornographic films in relation to those of other countries? Do you see Italy as particularly strong in the genre?

Italy had a great influence in other world’s pornography, we had the commerical one, the exploitation one and the artistic one. Since middle ages we had great erotic writers, just think at Boccaccio which continue to inspire cinema nowdays. In the ’70s we were the best along with Germany.

There may be a stereotype of Italians as erotic and hypersexual. Do you see any truth in this stereotype?

Yes, i see it everyday in front of the mirror.

Describe your evolution into a Japanophile. Do you have interest in all aspects of Japan or only certain areas such as film or music?

I’m really interested in all japanese culture. I am myself a quite good historian of japanese (very long) samurai era. Especially the sengoku and tokugawa era. Of course the show era is my favourite because that was the period that gave birth to Lum, the manga/anime character. And of course all the cinema/anime/manga vectors from that era that teache me about the japanese culture, and the japanese way to live nodwdays. The few time i’ve been in Japan i’ve heard few people that told me i have more notions of japanese culture than an average japanese guy, mostly related to cinema. I love japanese cinema from Fukasaku to Miike, from Fukui to Ishii to Wakamatsu, and i can name countless, but let’s talk in person about it when i’ll get there!

What characteristics of Japan, as a whole or as related to your areas of interest, make your enthusiasm about Japan so much stronger than about other countries?

Because i hate the world as it is and i find everything extremely hateful or just boring. I hate that the so called civilized society insists to uniform people and want everybody to be calm and follow the rules. Japan gives me a different sight of view. Because of Japan is so build up by rules and ceremonies i appreciate the ability of some japanese people to create worlds of fantasy (to escape the grey reality). Also the extreme level of “life climax” that some people can reach as for doing harakiri in the middle ages, as for being an hikikomori now. Two really different aspects and two really different way to behave i know, but both really extreme. I appreciate the willing of driving and aspect to the extreme point and even breaking it if necessary. I appriciate the ways japanese artists give me to escape reality. There are many other artists in the world who offer me the same thing but i find myself more closer to the japanese sight of imagery. Also other aspects from philosophy to pop culture but i could write an entire book about it, better to stop here.

Since you are so openly enthusiastic about Japan, have you ever considered moving there? Why or why not?


You can find the answer in the previous answer. No, i won’t like to live in a society so strictly packed with rules and ceremonies. I would end like a stray dog of the yakuza and being killed for not following the rules (yes i watch too much yakuza movies).

Do you live the image you portray with your band? How important do you think it is for a band to reflect their image? Do you think it is valid for a band to use its image for the band image only?

It’s quite the opposite. The band lives my imagery.
It is important for a band to reflect their image because it is useful to use it as a symbol. Because we can’t comunicate with all the people we touch with our music we use symbols as vectors to comunicate with everybody. Like Jesus Christ on the cross. Fuck him.

If possible, please give an example or two of activities in which you participate outside of music that readers may consider extreme or even shocking.

I work in a hospital at night. Few years ago when i was alone i used to masturbate with used tampax i found in the rubbish because i known they were fresh. I had to stop because of my girlfriend told me it was bad. Also i have some criminal habits but i can’t real write them in this interview sorry. Meet me and offer me sake so we could have a nice chat about it and other intersting things!
I also run a website for watching free movies and someone of you could certainly find some interesting rare flicks in japanese language, thos who have the japanese flag at the voice “lingua” that menas “language”. The website address is: http://www.cinemazoo.it

Of course you love the themes that you use with your band, but do you also consciously try to use those themes to shock? For extreme music in general, what is the role of shock and offensiveness? Is it a necessary element? Is it as important as other elements?

In my view the themes and the imagery i use are just an expression of freedom and a battle against reality. It’s like a crusade against reality. That’s all. I suppose someone could be shocked by the extreme elements in it or what they see during the live shows but i really think that “shocking bands” have already set a “limit” that can’t be overcome (what can you do afer GG Allin guys?). We’re no more in the 80’s and the so called shocking bands now play in festival that don’t have anything to do with shocking releated themes but only with entertaining and fashon. All the shock is over. Let’s just fuck.

Finally, please give a greeting to all the fans looking forward to your upcoming Tokyo tour.

I salute all the Japanese fans out there and i will be very happy to have a talk and drink Shochu and sake together! If you have any drug please bring some because we can’t keep them in the airplane! Hope to please you at the show with our euro guro music, wait for the great Kanto earthquake!

2 Minuta Dreka
Tokyo Tour 2019 “Hentai Special Attack!”
6/7 @ Koiwa Bushbash
6/8 @ Shinjuku Dues
6/9 @ Kouenji Sound Studio DOM
6/10 @ Shibuya Ruby Room
6/14 @ Nishiogikubo PitBar
6/15 @ Uguisudani What’s Up
6/16 @ Nishi-Yokohama El Puente

Contact: 2 Minuta Dreka fb

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