Vicious Circle ‎– Rhyme With Reason/ Into The Void

Vicious Circle has been a Punk band for 30+ years. No doubt anyone who has been interested in Punk music at any time has come across the band in some way, shape or form. The early years of VC were full of Hardcore Punk madness with strong social lyrics about oppression, social inequality, defiance, etc. Yes this band didn’t change the style, but these bastards were standing strong at the beginning of Australian Punk era. This is truly a legendary name in Punk history. Even a dumbass knows that without Punk there would be no Grindcore, Hardcore, Death Metal or Thrash Metal. That’s why I’m trying show our readers some cool old releases and today we will listen to the second LP from “The History Of Australian 80s Punk/Hardcore Vol 3”. This double LP edition includes the 3rd (Rhyme With Reason) and 4th (Into The Void) albums from this band. Like the previous volume this one has great design and huge booklet with loads of photos and different information. As usual Power It Up did a good job, hope they never stop releasing such great stuff. But let’s get back to Vicious Circle…  

Musically, it’s a Punk, I mean it’s obvious that anyone who’s heard a Punk record in their life knows exactly what to expect here. It’s like a postcard for the genre: fast, aggressive, rough as hell and yet still thoroughly catchy. Certainly, both albums are a bit more harsh than The Price Of Progress – even if that just means a tiny little bit – but I certainly hear more Hardcore here. But it’s still dirty Punk itself… messy guitars, angry vocals, loud bass and goofy drums. Punk how it should be done. I can’t dare to say that all the material is weak or something like that, this double LP is without any real weak spots; if I was to choose a couple favorite songs from both albums it’d probably be “Personality Crisis”, “Nightmare So Quick” , “Can’t You See” and “Ward 7 West”. Just because these songs stand out a bit from both albums.

Vicious Circle certainly hasn’t rewritten the genre but, they’ve stayed true to their roots while many others have come and gone. And I really respect that positions.

Rating: 8/10      Vicious Circle fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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