Gets Worse / Endless Swarm

Can there be a better idea than spinning a split with two killer bands which you’re a fan of? Yeah, I love this massive and violent punch from England. Both bands know how to make good and catchy noise. But this 7” isn’t just about the music. Just take a look at this funny cover. I don’t know the artist behind this image, but I bet that person was high during creation process, haha! It’s simply great how these cheesy japanese monsters look and fit so well on a Powerviolence release.

As this is a 7” vinyl, we get only few songs from each of these two bands, but it’s enough to enjoy. The first 4 songs are from Gets Worse. The material itself is very bright and punching. I like the idea of combining modern Hardcore with Powerviolence, the result is damn good. Slow/fast structures are especially spicy here. The sound of the heavy buzzing guitar, low bass, yelling vocals and noisy drums will throw you into the pit. This music is really bone crushing and crazy.    

The next 4 are from Edinburgh’s very own Endless Swarm. The intro of the song Paradox literally grinded my flesh. Damn that crusty bass sound, and loud blast beats are so savage. This side is harsher because ES is mixing Grindcore with Powerviolence. Obviously this stuff has more fast parts and is structured a bit different than Gets Worse. But you will find a lot of traditional slow/fast moments, specific vocals and short riffs. Sound here is a bit dirty but it should be like that, because this music could not exist with shitty and clear Relapse sound.    

All in all, this is very good split. I’ve enjoyed both bands, maybe Endless Swarm little bit more… but Gets Worse is also great and sick as hell.

Rating: 8/10        Gets Worse fb           Endless Swarm fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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