New releases from Mortville Noise!

MORT:118 Traffic Death / Captain Three Leg – split 12”… From the Iowa highways, Traffic Death return with an eight track crossover/thrash attack; a veritable rush hour of car-crushing brutality, bumper-to-bumper riffs and frenzied shredding. Captain Three Leg bring to their side 26 tracks of their signature pummeling, goofball hardcore with scathing, angry stepdad vocals and more blasting than a Peter North compilation. This long awaited split LP is finally available. 

MORT:117 Captain Three Leg / Sidetracked – split CD-R… Captain Three Leg crank out twelve tracks of pissed sounding (but, not really pissed) hardcore in just over six minutes; most of which end in a blast of noise. Sidetracked finish things out with 14 quick hardcore bursts that should appeal to fans of demo-era Cripple Bastards and Nihilist Commando. The discs are packaged in an interactive cover and ship with a package of crayons. It’s full-blown Pokémon shit for collector nerds, with an inflated price tag you’re stuck with. Limited to 100 copies.

MORT:116 Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater – split CD-R… Captain Three Leg continue their recent noise forray with 41 tracks of blown-out, riff-less noisecore in five minutes with harsh noise bits linking everything together and way too much swearing. Corpse Eater from Germany rip through 52 tracks of gore-soaked grind/noise with both shifted and growled vocals and only a few tracks longer than 15 seconds. Comes with a lyric insert for the C3L side, but none for Corpse Eater, because they were too lazy to write any.

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