Biological Monstrosity – Partus Anomalus

It`s been a while since I reviewed a real Gore album. The Canadian perverts from Biological Monstrosity are not so active, but each time they put forth a  new portion of filth… it almost always means that we will get a high quality product. “Partus Anomalus” is not an exception, this album became one of the best Gore releases in 2018. Biological Monstrosity have stuck their fists far deeper into the viscera, into the dirtiest depths, and come up with a really badass album. We have here 15 sickening and slimy song which are hidden under disgusting art. Damn this birth scene is bloody, sick, and awful, haha! The inside design contains a lot of newborn/dead and mutilated babies. I really don’t know how such a CD slipped through customs, hehe.

Talking about the Noise, this horrible story starts with an intro from the movie  Fetus(interesting and thematic choice). The second and third songs and so on… fuck, this material is very intense and heavy. Pumping energy, short and primitive riffs, super loud pitch shifted vocal and endless blasting/polka beats… everything is here. And all the elements are well balanced, these guys did a really nice job with “Partus Anomalus”. Altogether this mess literally smashes your goddamn skull while listening, I bet my neighbour was really mad when I listened to this album a few times in a row, haha!   

Interesting that this band has its own (more or less) style, yes you may catch a few tunes from Regurgitate and Dead Infection, but I can’t say that Biological Monstrosity is someones clone. So if you’re looking for really nasty tunes, go ahead and check this album out!

Rating: 8.5/10    Biological Monstrosity fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/bands an labels.

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