Six-Score – Lebensräume

Unfortunately, the Grind scene in Austria is still unknown for most Grinders in the underground. That’s why I picked up this record for today`s review. Formed 10 years ago Six-Score became great battle unit. This trio mixes modern Grindcore with dark Hardcore and Metal. I must say they have succeeded with it and they’ve also found the right sound for their stuff. Speaking about this album, this LP has rather atmospheric and dark art. The hard cover has nice quality and the vinyl itself is heavy (I guess it’s somewhere near 150 grams  maybe more).

I believe that “Lebensräume” is the greatest material that they have done so far. Yes this music has no taste of old Grindcore and stylistically they remind me of Nasum and the latest Napalm Death a little, but I think they also have some sort of Swedish Death/Grind touch in their music as well. Six-Score is full of skilful musicians, without a doubt this album has a lot of technical parts. Riffs are short, various and fast the same can be said for the drumming. The bass however is a bit cluttered with the drums and vocals (this screaming perfectly fits for this sharp sound and riffs), but that is a very usual situation for this genre.   

The unfortunate truth, Lebensräume has some really great moments on it – songwriting and quality is good – but I still feel like this album could have more catchy moments.

Six-Score have largely succeeded in what they set out to do on “Lebensräume”, and it is certainly a recommended listening, even though the record is not quite a masterpiece.

Rating: 7.5/10      Six-Score fb      Six-Score bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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