Hørdür – Húbris

France is a country which has a lot of Gothic rock/metal bands, the Eiffel tower, yeah it also has nice wine. And now this country also has a new Grindcore band in Hørdür, and not many of you know that. Today I will try to shed some light on their debut album Húbris. We will be dissecting this entire album, from cover art to audio. This album has a really weird and crazy design. The whole art and even insert in it consists of very different and strange pieces. I have a strong feeling that the person who did this collage seems mentally disturbed to say the least.

November 11, our French warriors released “Húbris” on CD and only few months ago the LP version was done and was released in cooperation with 12 labels (that’s insane isn’t it? I must say we have here 20 really charged songs that will leave you no space to breathe or think. Do you think I’m joking? Full of ferocity and power, this album is very bright. It’s like a sip of fresh beer, but in music. Húbris is well produced (I noticed only a few messy parts, but I believe everything fits because of the fast double bass pedal) and is not just a bunch of distortions, cymbals, and snares coming out of the speakers. All the songs have various tempos and structures, also you`ll catch a lot of different genres here and there. I really love how Hørdür mixed Grindcore / D-beat / Powerviolence and Metal. Of course it was a small move to put all these ingredients in one pot. For example songs like Peinard et Mouillé, Église Cathodique and Sobre et Minable are a great illustration of how Metal could be combined with blasting Punk.

I can talk about this album all day long, but just believe me if you’re looking for some new and cool tunes, go ahead and listen to this LP!

Rating: 8/10          Hørdür fb        Hørdür bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!


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