Inopexia / Dysmenhorrea

Today you won’t surprise anyone with a Gore split. This genre became pretty popular around the world and now we a have a legion of new ugly names. Of course it’s really hard to pick up something interesting among all of the old/new/future Gore releases, but I managed to do that, haha! So the tape for we have prepared for this evening is Inopexia / Dysmenhorrea (released by No Bread rec). Interesting thing, this split has a beautiful look but ugly slimy guts (the music). The yellow cassette perfectly combines with light colors of the cover. This is a professionally made tape not a simple diy cassette that was recorded on some crappy old Sony player and has photocopied cover. No, this one is crafted precisely. Let’s put this tape in my player…    

Russian gore beasts Inopexia are the beginners of this party. First thing I heard was very punching, low bass and guitar sound… holy moly this heavy tone could break bones. Next is the pitch shifted vocals that sound like boiling water. And the last part is drums. This drummer is so fast, his blast beats are awesome (LDOH style), but I can’t say that the sound of them is bright. Unfortunately it’s a bit cluttered with the vocals. Nothing innovative here, and certainly nothing you can play at your grandma’s birthday. However, if you’re looking for some sick sounds to accompany you after watching some old B horror movies, then this is perfect.

Dysmenhorrea is the second band here and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of them. This is a duo, it’s a teamwork of 1 guy from USA and 1 from Sweden. This Gore differs from Inopexia… Dysmenhorrea are more influenced by old Death Metal and Polish Gore bands. So the sound and structures of all 10 songs have a tiny taste of Death Metal. The production for this side is just pleasant to my ears, raw, a bit messy, powerful and with heavy guitar tone… The vocals are not so distorted, that helps to hear the riffs. But we have the same problems with the drums as before, they are a bit cluttered, but I still enjoy of them a lot.

Rating: 8/10    Inopexia fb      Dysmenhorrea fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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