Sardanapalm Death – Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης

I haven’t really heard many new bands that bring anything fresh to the genre. Here come Sardanapalm Death, who also don’t bring anything new to the genre, but this band deserves to be heard. In contrast to other Greek Crust Punk bands, this one sounds a bit faster and has less of the commonplace deep and dark atmosphere. The cover art is really suitable for this kind of Crust. It’s dirty, unmasked, aggressive and smelly. As for the music…

Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης is obviously not a masterpiece, but it’s also not a crappy album. Despite all the usual d-beat shenanigans, the riffs often feel a lot chunkier, the solos more primitive (in good way) and the vocals are more emotional and raw… I will make it no secret that this album has some good cheerful songs with great energy. Unfortunately almost none of the songs stand out, so the album feels kind of monotonous. I bet that Sardanapalm Death tried their best to create a good album, but we have what we have.

This album will not change any Crust naysayers mind, and my personal impressions about the Greek Crust Punk scene. But albums like Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης are worth a listen.  

Rating: 7/10      Sardanapalm Death bc      Sardanapalm Death fb 

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