ShitFuckingShit – Life Of Excess (Vleesklak Records)

No need to say more, the band’s name says it all, ShitFuckingShit plays… Grind! For neophytes and non-Italian people, ShitFuckingShit comes from Italy. The trio is very active, they’ve recorded a ton of releases and played boatloads of shows, but for some reason they’re still fairly unknown in the underground. I myself have known of this band for some time, but I’ve never got a promo for review. That situation was fixed by Vleesklak Records they sent me this CD with some other nice stuff. So let’s see what we have here. This release has a horrible and shitty design, haha! I believe this cover art is tied to the band name…   

Well, to be honest I listened this album once. It was hard for me to handle all 40 minutes. The sound is pretty good, but almost all the songs are monotonous and sound very similar. I can highlight only a few songs that I like on this album. For example “Frohe Punk Alt Und Krank ”, “Novak” and “Ciucciamerda” were very punky and cheerful. I know a few people that really like this band, but, unfortunately I found this album very boring for myself.      

I know that this is an album made by people that don’t take themselves seriously, but that doesn’t help make this album better.

Rating: 6/10      ShitFuckingShit bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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