Failure – S/T

With this record Failure become yet another one of those Powerviolence band that Italy seems to be infected with. These 3 maniacs know how to play violent Punk. The cover art pretty much displays the music of Failure. Because this debut is full of hate and rage and loud crashing energy. This 7” was released in collaboration by 4 labels, and it was pressed in two different colors yellow and black. I have the obsidian black copy, that sounds really great.  

When the needle touched the vinyl I realized that next the 7 minutes of my life would be full of loud and energetic noise, ha! This fast Punk is tossing in rampant blast beats and gnawing guitars. Failure keeps its music fresh by employing plenty of Hardcore qualities as well as tossing in some Punk elements. The productions has great quality, I mean the sound is great, simple but heavy and cheerful. You can easily hear all the instruments, and catch almost all the riffs. The vocalists singing so loud, it seems like he’s trying to spit up his own lungs, haha! Damn, this is a really nice debut…    

I must say I enjoy seeing how the Italian PV/Hardcore scene growing, I believe this band will become pretty popular. So if you haven’t heard this self-titled EP, you should do it for sure!  

Rating: 8/10    Failure bc      Failure fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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