Mesrine – I Choose Murder LP is out NOW!

Being originally released back in 2005 in CD format only, the second full-length album “I Choose Murder” by our beloved Canadian pure old school grind butchers MESRINE got a proper format treatment. Prefering quality over quantity Uranium Overdose spent a year preparing this one and with no hesitation I can proudly say that this LP is a pinnacle withing the catalog. Let me share with you features of this beautiful package:

– 20 devastating tracks of mesmerizing audio terror
– special remastering for vinyl pressing done by Jack in 2018
– oxblood red color vinyl
– extremely sick artwork personally obtained and licensed from the visual butcher Vladimír Vácovský
– 300g quality fully colored outer cover
– b/w insert with tracklist and credits including hand-numbered limitation out of 300 copies in red ink on one side and another gruesome collage on the flipside
– an extra A4 collage made on a vintage obituary sheet

You can order this album at Uranium Overdose!

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