Depression ‎– Unglaube

Formed in 1989, Depression became one of the pilgrims in the German Grind underground. I don’t know why, but this band is not as well known as they deserves. What a pity, but on the other hand they are still here, they play what they love to and that shows. We have here their release from 2008, all of the songs (except 1 bonus track) were used for a split with Death Metal band Paganizer. But that was more than 10 (!!!) years ago, and beyond that, this material was released only on CD and tape format. Thanks to Power It Up Recs. we can finally enjoy with vinyl version.

Depression is one of those band that you either like or dislike, there’s no grey areas.These guys are playing a pretty specific kind of Grind. Their songs aren’t fast, and the vocals aren’t original, but they have an interesting and unique atmosphere.

This scary mess begins with “Ain’t No Ordinary Brutality”, unfortunately I don’t speak German so I could not understand  talk, but I have a strong feeling that what is being discussed is some kind of sick murder, ha! Then comes the real music, primitive and savage Deathgrind. I really like the simplicity of this band, it’s catchy and recognizable. The drums are a bit sloppy, but that’s how they should sound. Now, the guitar and bass sound is more than perfect for this caveman party. Primitive growls and funny screams are totally annoying, but in a good way. But, not all songs are gloomy, for example “On The Edge” is Punk as fuck, haha! It cheered me up and had me Headbanging.

Rating: 8/10      Depression fb      Official site

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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