Convulsions (20.03.19)

Hola amigos! Finallym Convulsions is on GGGG pages! How are you doing boys?

Hello! Yeah, finally! We took a long time to answer everything, but it’s a bit difficult for us, since we live in three different cities. We’re doing just fine. A bit busy lately, work sucks, but we try to manage. Thanks for counting on us for this interview!

I`m afraid that I must ask you to tell your band’s story – so when, who, why?

Well, Convulsions was born a bit after Human Butchery disbanded, which was the previous band where Héctor and Campos played. It was kinda deathgrind with hints of goregrind here and there, but with they wanted a band to go with a more straightforward direction, more old school, and rawer. Héctor had some songs already written, so they called Binky who then played bass in Rencor (powerviolence/grindcore) and Samu, who played in Onomasy (tech death metal). We knew each other from attending shows because, after all, El Ejido is a pretty small city and in the end, everyone knows each other, especially in a relatively small scene. Thus, Convulsions was born.

Okay, so there been few splits/ep – so where the hell is a full album? Do you know when or if that’s going to happen?

We want to focus on a full-length after this year, we have already talked about that and even discussed it with some cools label. We really like the split format, releasing music with bands we like, making friends, working together with DIY ethics… but a full-length has a totally different vibe, and we guess it’s time to do it. We’ve been thinking about re-recording older songs from all the splits and EPs, as well as releasing new songs, of course, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Apart from Convulsions, do you have any other projects on the side?

Campos does vocals in Unrested, old school grindcore band, with members of Disturbance Project and Tu Carne. He and Héctor set up shows in El Ejido, our hometown. They have already played some cool shows, and they are releasing something soon. Samu used to play in Onomasy, which now is on hold, and mostly works on media production. Binky used to play in Rencor, which he left, and now disbanded, and also sets up shows in Málaga, in a kind of squat.

At this point, Convulsions has been a band for like 3 years – how do you see your band in the future? Will you still be doing Convulsions when you’re 60?


Hopefully, in the future we will have less restrictions when it comes to travelling and working, so that allows us to play more shows. We’ve had to decline some really cool offers we couldn’t believe. For us it’s a thing that we would like to keep doing as long as we can do it at 100%. No one likes to see a band that can’t even stand on stage and it’s not even the shadow of what it used to be, or bands who come back just because they are “legends”. Grindcore has to be energetic and unrelenting, so if we can keep that spirit, we’ll keep doing it. Of course, that’s if we don’t start arguing and split up hahahaha!


For the past few years you’ve played lots of gigs and shows. What are the unforgettably bad or good experiences that you’ve had?

Bad experiences are just to learn from. Sure, we’ve had some shows worse than other, but there’s always someone behind who has worked to have equipment, food and shelter ready for us, so even if things don’t turn out good, we have to value that. Namedropping is a shitty attitude.

But regarding bad experiences, when we were going to play Grind Here Right Now fest in Germany, in November 2018, it was a complete nightmare. We were supposed to fly from Málaga to Barcelona, and then to Düsseldorf, and rent a car so we could drive to Welmerskirchen. When we were already boarded on the plane in Barcelona to leave, a woman decided on the last minute that she would not fly and left the plane, so the crew had to check the luggage. They checked every single bag in there until they found one that belonged to no one, so the pilot refused to fly with an abandoned bag. We had to leave the plane, they called the cops, firefighters, ambulances, deminers, x-ray scanners, police dogs… to check all the bags. It was crazy, we had more than 4 hours of delay.

Once we finally got to Düsseldorf airport, we found out that our card wasn’t accepted to rent cars, so we had to make a whole new booking and pay a huge deposit which took like an hour more. We had to swap our playing schedule with Birdflesh because we would not be there on time.

We arrived like 10 minutes before we started playing, we literally got there, picked up our guitars and started playing. It was a complete rush. Luckily, we could see Rotten Sound and Death Toll 80K. Sharing stage with them has been an awesome experience.

Also, of course playing at OEF has been one of the coolest things ever, but that’s taken for granted for any grindcore band!

Could you name your favorite grind/crust bands from Spain?

Sure! The ones we agree on are probably Denak, Looking for an Answer, Rageous Intent, Disturbance Project, Ras, Violent Headache, Psychotic Noise, Nashgul… there are a ton, actually. Also, some newer bands that deserve a listen are Cannibal Ferox, Ernia, Mindcollapse, Lead Coffin, Torso and Sota Terra. Maybe they are not strictly grind/crust, but pretty cool, nonetheless.

One of the more important questions that people might be wondering about – How much can a regular Spanish grinder drink during a gig?)

We thought Spaniards were one of the heaviest drinkers ever, but after seeing people from the Balkans at OEF and other shows, turns out we had a really low standard hahahaha.

A philosophy question. What is grindcore for you?

Probably, the best answer to this, is that it’s a way to evade from daily life and problems. We’re sick of how the world works, political situation, oppression, work wages, and shit like this, so being able to scream our lungs out of it, making clear how fucked up this system is, and meeting likeminded people in the meantime is what keeps us sane sometimes. Forming a community through noise where shit like that is not allowed, and creating something beautiful out of ugly and extreme noise is something awesome.

The best and the worst grindcore albums ever? Go!

If we want to step outside the classics and the usual mentions (Repulsion, Terrorizer, Napalm Death…), For the best we’d go with Mental Hygiene by Internal Rot, Harsh Realities by Death Toll 80K, Divided We Fall by Excruciating Terror, World Extermination by Insect Warfare, Grindcore by Denak, and Reality Choke by In Disgust.

We would rather focus on the good ones, there are way too much shitty grindcore albums, so making a top of the worst wouldn’t be easy!

Guys, do you like tour life? Small smelly buses, a ton of equipment, beer, and tons of new places to play? By the way, do you plan to tour over Europe?

Yes, we enjoy it, although it gets tiresome. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to reach your destination, and then all you can do is get there, set up, play, and sleep till you have to drive the next day, you don’t get to see places or anything. But it’s really cool meeting new people, seeing new places…

We have some plans, but it’s really hard with our word schedules. Holidays don’t come easy and not for all of us at the same time, so we are trying to plan some dates for this summer, but it’s not clear yet. We hope to do it soon, though, we really want to.

Thank you so much, and in the end of our talk I want to ask you about your next plans? What should we expect from Convulsions in near time?

We are releasing a couple of split 7”s this year, with Six-Score (grindcore á la Nasum from Austria) and Insect Terror (raw grindcore from Germany). Aside from that, we’re playing a couple of really cool fests, Compromiso Fest in Madrid in July, and Smash Your Privilege Fest in Belgium in September. Keep an eye on them, because the line-up is amazing for both.


Contacts:  Convulsions bc    Convulsions fb



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