Vicious Circle ‎– Never Give In

Vicious Circle is a damn old band, these punks were the beginners in Australia. With time these guys changed their style, now their music is more aggressive and sounds more like oldschool Hardcore. “Never Give In” was released 3 year ago, but this LP holds it’s intensity even to this day. The finely concentrated energy on this album could blow your head clean off, ha!

When I got the parcel containing this album I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the cover,hell the  image in general is just awesome. Speaking of the image, it has a lot of elements and it looks a bit strange for a Hardcore band, but I still like it. The blue color of the vinyl contrasts well with the dark psychedelic cover art. I put this LP on my turntable, the needle touched the surface and….   

Damn the first song is fast and powerful as an old truck that’s going to smash right into you. The sound of this twister is great, it’s heavy and clear, so I can hear all the riffs and other details. Vicious Circle made a great mix of Hardcore and oldschool Thrashcore, this boiling noise could charge you with huge load of punching energy. Every tone of guitar and bass is fantastic. The vocals are bloody powerful and loud, drums are fast and clear I can hear every single beat … It`s honestly hard to find the right words to describe this badass album. The songs “Drunk on the Blood of Saints” and “Heartless” are simply crushing. I’m not gonna go into much detail, but they are truly, truly killer.

“Never Give In” is the fucking audio interpretation of an MMA fight!

Rating: 8.5/10      Vicious Circle bc        Vicious Circle fb

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