Chepang​/​Test (Lower Class Kids Records)

It’s been a while since this 7” split was released, but the tape version showed up only a few month ago. And now I’m the happy owner of it, haha! First of all this cassette looks great, nice high quality paper, colored shell and not the worst sound. Lower Class Kids Records did a good job with this release. I guess there is not much that I can write about these bands, both names are big enough and famous, both have a lot of great records and so on. That’s why I don’t want to tire you with a long article, and I will simply put this tape in my old player.   

The openers Test are infamous for their fusion of Tribal elements in Grindcore… This is a truly crazy band, with chaotic riffs, raw production and loud screaming vocals. I also love their diy style, this duo is truly amazing especially in live action. For this split they recorded two songs “Aos Algozes” and “Repugnante”. The first one is fantastic example of creativity, the ethnic instruments perfectly fit into this Grind madness, and the second track more or less sounds like your typical Grindcore, but that does not mean that “Repugnante” is bad.  

From Nepal with Grind, ha! The guys from Chepang are well known in underground now, their insane music found a lot of fans. If you were lucky to see them live you know what I’m talking about. Here we have 2 tracks and 1 fat bonus… both of the tracks are extremely aggressive. Even the slow moments are full of hate and pain, Chepang managed to create really emotional noise. Double drum kits made this noise more heavy and dense, good guitar tone slaughters everything around and the maddening screams finish off the listeners. The Tape version has a awesome bonus, a live recording from Chepang`s show at Brooklyn Bazaar.

Rating: 8/10    Chepang fb     Test fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!


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