Vomit Spell – Demo

It’s not a secret that the Deathgrind genre is very popular, more and more new names appear in the underground over the past few years. Vomit Spell is one of these names. Honestly, this 5 piece squad surprised me with its debut demo. The productions is raw, but not awful, and the sound is low and rotten. I listened this material about 10 times before I started to write these words. I did find myself thinking that this band has more of a Death Metal sound rather than from Grindcore. Punky and punchy Death Metal riffs meet Tupa Tupa beats and blastbeats. The vocals remind me of some kind of moldy Death Metal from the 90’s. But sometimes this gloomy atmosphere is diluted by Impetigo style Gore. Speaking of the mixed style of this band… The song “Monastery of Infamy” is the best example of all the Death Metal attributes… cool riffing, middle tempo structure and that specific cemetery sound. On the other hand I can also highlight “Dead End”. That song has an absolutely smashing Deathgrind structure with great blasting beginning. Of course you may hear familiar tunes here and there, but in general this demo is cool.

Vomit Spell chose an unusual image for the cover. The image depicted some kind of desert people, they aren’t bedouins but rather some kind of nomads. Well anyway the image looks really nice with all that bloody color. It’s a nice feeling when you hold this tape in your hands.

For the very last words I can only confirm that, they’ve pulled it off!        

Rating: 7.5/10    Vomit Spell bc    Vomit Spell fb


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