Scumdogs – Olor a Muerte

A friend of mine sent me this CD because he wanted to hear my honest opinion about this band. That’s why we are here today, and why I’m holding this CD in my hands… Scumdogs is adherent to the  grindcore genre but unlike modern bands these guys they aren’t technical freaks. So we won’t be smashed by ultra fast blast beats and clear sound. Scumdogs are honest in their noise, they just playing what they want to play. Olor a Muerte has a raw sound, this album is a simple transformation of aggression from all band members (I guess it’s an important thing in any recording). That’s why I mostly feel this is grind but do not perceive it by my ears.

First what I noticed was a messy and buzzing guitar. It’s hard to catch most parts of the riff, but I like this rawness. Drums are a bit clumsy, but fast, and it sounds interesting. I bet they were recorded at someones diy rehearsal room or in a basement, ha! That brings a lot of punk spirit into this mess. This sort of vocal is cool too, screams are loud and crazy, simply how they should be. Scumdogs used all of the main ingredients for a good grind release. But with this low production this material sounds like something evil from the 90’s and I really like the way how this “not the best quality” turned into success.

I will be honest – I can’t say that we have here a mind blowing album, but “Olor a Muerte” is an honest (more classic) side of grindcore. So if you aren’t afraid of messy sound or schull designed cover arts, you will love this album.

Rating: 7.5/10      Scumdogs bc        Scumdogs fb

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