Rawhead (04.03.19)

Hello my friend! How are you doing? How is it down there in Melbourne? Hopefully your beer is cold?

Hey Alex! Right now it’s stupidly fucking hot. Unless I wrap ice packs around my beer it warms up way too quick. I hate this summer bullshit!

Lachlan, the album “Spineless Pigs” sounds really monstrous. What feedback have you gotten so far? I heard that this album will be re-pressed in vinyl format. Please tell us all about that.

Thanks mate! I’m surprised at how well it was received. Personally, I’m very happy with it and its nice to hear that others enjoy it too. The LP just came out and from what I’ve heard it’s selling pretty well which is cool, can’t wait for our copies to arrive! The layout is a little different from the CD version but I’m most excited to see Pierre’s incredible art in a nice 12″ size.

Could you share your plans for this year with us? What has Rawhead been hiding from us?

We aren’t hiding much hahhaa, there’s a lot of shit that we need to get done. We have tracks for a split with The Men’s Toilet mostly recorded but that needs finishing off still. We also have a new bass player, Socki, who is writing some killer Neuro-Visceral Exhumation influenced stuff! We have a lot of work to do though as these are the rest of our coming planned releases:

– 4 way split CD with Active Stenosis, Blue Holocaust and Raw Addict
– Grind/gore compilation CD on my label, Terrible Mutilation
– Split 7″ with Lysergic Rites of Sadopriest
– 3 way split with Squalid and Sulfuric Cautery

You guys have been touring a lot lately. As far as I know Dave (PLF) and Isaac (Sulfuric Cautery) joined you on your USA tour. Could you tell us about that experience, and how you arrived in the US without 2 of yours members?

That was a fucking awesome experience and one of the best times of my life! Ok, so my death metal band Contaminated was going to do a US tour in May-June that we unfortunately had to cancel, Adrian’s US tour with Disentomb was starting around late May, he was heading over early, and Sulfuric Cautery were going to tour with Contaminated for about a week’s worth of shows. Our vocalist at the time couldn’t make it and it so happened that Isaac was available, up for doing vocals and Dave was available as he was going to fill in on bass for Incinerated, who also unfortunately had to cancel their US shows. Despite the circumstances, we all made the best of it and so had these two legends join us for 4 shows and filled out the lineup. I can tell you now that the best place in the world for gore and grind is the American Midwest, especially Lima, OH and The Leathershop. The bands all rule (Sulfuric Cautery, Lunk, Rancho Relaxo, Couple Skate, Lectularius etc.), the people are great and the shows are awesome. We got to play the first night of MDF which was incredible – being on the same poster as Mortician is just unbelievable. We played well and they absolutely crushed it. Was a fucking mad time that I hope to repeat much sooner rather than later.

Terrible Mutilation Distro is your ugly child, I think that not not a lot of people have heard about it… So could you introduce this label to our readers?

It’s a label and distro I originally started to release my own predominantly goregrind stuff but it has since expanded into releasing other bands’ music too – in late January I put out a demo/split/rehearsal compilation CD by Michigan gorefiends Squalid which was a great honour. I saw them in Lima, OH and was blown away – given their releases are only on very short run cassettes, I figured their stuff needed to be heard and made properly available! In the next month I am co-releasing a partial discography CD by Sulfuric Cautery which will be fucking awesome… 12 releases and 70min+ of the most punishing and devastating grind in recent years! Get in touch for trades… I’m always up for trading!


How many projects do you have? Tell us about each of them, and where the hell is a new album from Pregnancy?

My other current projects include…

– Contaminated: split 7″ with Kutabare coming out this year and hopefully another split 7″ too.
– G.B.S.:gore/noisecore that originally started as just me but now has Brad of Super Fun Happy Slide, Clogged, Internal Rot etc. fame on drums and maniac Brendan/KingBean from Spew Balloon on vox.
– Derailment: 90s metallic sludge – we put out a demo a few years ago and recorded an album almost two years ago that will see the light of day this year.
– Pregnancy: we’re no longer active but the album WILL be finished and released this year, the vocals just need to be finished off…

Plus I have a couple more slowly gestating things that will hopefully surface by the end of the year, not much to say about those just yet.

How do you manage to balance between your daily life/family and all your projects? Do you have some special secrets?

No special secrets, its just a lack of sleep and getting used to having little free time to sit around and read or watch a movie or something hah. I’m currently back at university part time which has put a damper on how much time I can spend jamming and writing… stupid fucking sensible life decisions…

What subjects and films influence Rawheads lyrical content?

No lyrics in this band… probably doesn’t come as a surprise, haha… the titles are kinda influenced by whatever I’ve been reading or watching a lot of at the time, or stuff I feel strongly about… “Spineless Pigs” is more or less about scum like sexual abusers and rapists getting what they deserve, i.e. a grisly end.

You blasted the land of USA, but what about old rotten Europe? When the hell we will be able to see Rawhead there?

Dude, I would absolutely love to head over to Europe for a few months and play a good chuck of shows while I’m there… one day!

What do you love so much about grind music?

The sheer wide eyed rage and insane energy about it… nothing compares, especially with that “I’m being completely flattened and crushed” feeling the best goregrind bands nail.

Well that’s all, thank you for this small chat. Any last words for our readers?

Thanks for the interview! I’ll drop some links for the distro and my other active bands below… cheers mate!

Contacts: bandcamp page  / facebook page

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