23.02 Extreme Noise Terror / Desecration – Volume Club (Kyiv)

I received information about this gig at the end of the last fall, and needless to say that was one of the best presents for me. Sad fact but, Crust/Grind bands are avoiding our country, so every Grind party in Kiev is a big thing to me. The news about this show with Extreme Noise Terror and Desecration literally crushed me, I was as happy as a teenager when he finally got his got laid for the first time, haha! I started to follow to all of the updates, all the news and rumors, this gig seemed to be huge. There was also a ton of advertising everywhere and that stuff surprised me a lot, because that’s one of the signs of good organization. I was wondering who the hell made all of this and after a bit of research I found out that a new concert agency popped up in our city – Barefoot Mosh Booking. Guys tried their best to make everything happen because this gig was their point of departure.

The morning of this fateful day was blackened by the news that Dean didn’t arrive, because of his old illness. That fact was really frustrating for me and for all of the other fans. But anyway the 4 other guys were already here. And it wasn’t the fault of the band or organizers, that was just  bad fucking luck… I totally understand it so I didn’t want to stay at home and miss this gig, must say I made the right choice.
After a long walk to the club, I wanted to get inside and warm my ass up, haha. I had a beer and shook a few hands and I finally went up toward the stage to see the first band.

(18.50) Just a small soundcheck and the local boys from Zombies Eat My Neighbours started their set. I’ve known these guys for so many years and must say this time they kicked the listeners really hard. People started moshing and slamming while Zombies attacked their ears and souls with their experimental noise music. It was cool to hear a few news songs, hope those guys will record something new soon…

(19.45) The legendary hardcore band Remorse nailed almost all the people in the pit. There was so much energy and aggression. These guys played a lot songs from the new album and a few really old iconic songs. Thrashcore / hardcore massacre drives people crazy. Remorse played like the last time, fuck that left me speechless it was so cool.     

(20.40) The first guest was on the stage. ENT apologized for whole situation and that was a good move. Honestly,, their performance was bloody good, even without Dean. Trademark sound, boiled vibration, crazy show and tons of great songs. Fuck that picture is still in my mind, ha! Ben was running on the stage like mad, they gave all their energy to the fans and the public gave it back. Also there was a traditional encore, our people did not want to let ENT leave. I believe everyone in the club forgot about their issues after the very first song. I  also was lucky enough to talk with our guests. They turned out to be very simple and soulful people without any arrogance.

(21.25) The second part of this show started with local death metal guys Дідько Лисий. That was the most boring band of the night for me. These guys played some kind of Old School Death Metal. But their music didn’t hit me.

(22.10) The last band of the day was Desecration. This second guest band slashed our public with cool moldy Death Metal. Their sound was heavy and this was truly the last nail in my coffin, haha! After so many good tunes from the previous bands I was really overloaded, but I stayed in the club and listened Desecration with pleasure. This set was really great and I didnt even see any signs of being tired on their faces, that was impressive. I’d started to notice  more people who came to this gig specifically for this band, old gloomy guys with serious faces.

It was pleasure to meet the guys from UK and see a lot my old buddies. The atmosphere of this gig was so friendly and warm. I got a lot of pleasure and I hope that Barefoot Mosh Booking will book more Grind gigs in the future.


Thank you Jurgen MetalPhotography for photos.


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