Ona Snop – Geezer

Once I listened to the first record (split 7”EP with ​Nothing Clean) from the Leeds punks Ona Snop, I knew that I needed to try and collect all of the recordings from this project. These guys started this blazing band 4 years ago, and during these years our heroes recorded a few splits, and it was just a matter of time before they gave birth to a full length. It happened in 2018, and the album was named “Geezer”. I must say that it’s a strange name for such a fast and furious album, because this geezer could kick anybody’s ass, haha!

Well, this truly is a real feast for the Leeds school of fast music. Ona Snop sounds like a gunshot; loud and killer. This spit of aggression is really great. The riffing is simple but memorable, and the guitar sound is pleasant. It might be a bit overloaded with distortion, but, on the other hand it’s not too clear, so this tone has a good balance. Bass brings a ton of cheeriful vibrations, and the vocals are bloody good too. You will hear some yelling style, screaming style, and few more and that makes this album more interesting. And last but not least –  I want to shake the hand of Ona Snop`s drummer. He did some impressive work here. The slow moments and swings parts are badass, but these blast beats just nailed me, haha!

Maybe this is not an iconic work and this album won’t have classic status, but for me “Geezer” is wonderful. This album is an awesome addition to Leed`s audio library. Lastly –  make sure to set max volume before you press the play button.

Rating: 8.5/10        Ona Snop bc          Ona Snop fb

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