Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

After quite a crushing demo, Flatulence took a small break – but now they’re back with their first full album. When I heard their noise for first time i was honestly surprised; the quality was high and songs were groovy and not boring. I must say that these guys found a really good label for their debut album. Bizarre Leprous has a good promotion base, so I believe these Russian man-eaters will become famous pretty soon, haha! But let’s get back to our story. Under this cheezy cover (it’s a screenshot from Scanners movie in case you didn’t know ;)) are 18 songs of extreme noise. Before I start to write this review,  I listened to this album a couple times and would love to say that this album left few good feelings in my mind. You may ask “what feelings?”, well…

The album is full of good moldy riffs. Yeah, you won’t hear anything innovative in “Irreversible Degrade”, but this album is massive and cool. I sensed crushing pressure from the guitar sound. Screaming and distorted vocal are working perfectly together. Groovy moments make me bang my head, ha! Also, I like that these guys didn’t focus only on gore genre, just check the “Freaks in the Basement” and you will heard a lot of grindcore and some d beat influences. In general this shit sounds great, their songs are short and real sweet, no holds barred, no intros or anything, just straight grind. This material reminds me mutilated child of Dead Infection, Napalm Death and Ahumado Granujo but with a bit clearer sound.  Overall, I think that Flatulence is a band with lots of potential and although I can say that this album will certainly not become a classic, I can foresee that this band will become very favourite amongst many gore/grindcore fans.

Rating: 8/10            Flatulence fb      Flatulence bc



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