Agathocles / Aligrindtor

One rainy day my postman brought me a parcel, the return address that was depicted on the box says that this pack was delivered from Croatia. It was hard to remember bands or labels from that region, I really know only a few names. When I opened it I figured out that this parcel was sent me by Aligrindtor ( a two piece band with only bass and drums). Their split with AG didn`t surprise me, there are a ton of bands asking for a split with these Belgian icons. Some of them want to promote their stuff in this way, some  are just trying to keep a tradition (?). But in my opinion Agathocles is not the main band here (weird, huh?). Don`t get me wrong, our veterans compiled some great recordings, with good recognizable songs and good sound. You will hear and feel a huge load of cheerful energy and vibration. This trio sounds raw, but I can hear almost all riffs and words, ha! Yeah, there is nothing new, but anyway this is good shit from Agathocles!

So, now let’s talk about Aligrindtor. As I said before, these boys are from Croatia, and they have no guitar (that is an interesting move). The distorted Bass Sound is low and heavy, but these guys managed to make it sound very close to guitar sound. So these buzzing and noisy Mince riffs are charged with a good portion blast beats and screams. Many songs are goofy, but that’s how it should be, they clearly had a lot of fun during this recording session and I can feel it. The whole sound is a bit raw, but overall enjoyable. It has a strong garage taste, but on the other hand it should be made in the DIY style, because it’s a part of this scene and music.

Rating: 7.5/10         Agathocles fb         Aligrindtor fb


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