Heinous (13.02.19)

Greetings guys! How are you? I bet you’re tired as hell after the long road am I right?

Wex: Yo I’m great! I’m recharged from tour, but tired from riding my bike 75 miles today.

Andrew: I’m ready to rock again!

Another tour is done, could you share some stories from the road with us? What was the most iconic moment on this trip?

Wex: This tour was great. We went to a lot of Southern USA cities that most bands don’t play. I wasn’t sure if the gigs would be kind of weak since they’re smaller cities, but for the most part I was dead wrong. Raging gigs. Played with several kill bands. Some personal favorites from this tour are Noisey Neighbors, Funeral Solution, Disable, Strategic Warheads, Rottweiler, Eskizo, and Los Reyesz Bong Death. Cody got arrested in Georgia for allegedly spray painting a wall. He was out by morning and missed no gigs!

We can’t avoid asking you about your experience in Japan. What made you decide to go there and, how did this tour go for you?

Wex: Japan was amazing! I feel super grateful to have had the opportunity to go play there. It came together like this; Ivan from Radiation Vomit is a great friend of ours. He lives in the LA area, but has flight privileges that allow him to be able to also play drums in The Men’s Toilet from Tokyo, Japan. Andrew’s mom was/is living in Hiroshima, Japan, and he was going to visit her and asked if I wanted to try to play some shows there. I asked Ivan if this was possible and he helped get me in contact with Hagamoto (also of The Men’s Toilet and dozens of other great bands) and Naru (Butcher ABC/Obliteration Records). Hagamoto and Naru were awesome and helped us put the tour together. Hagamoto went with for all shows except one to help translate and help us navigate the train system. There is a lot to say! Its a beautiful country with a culture much different than ours that I enjoyed in many ways. Gig spots are tiny, but very pro. I think my favorite city was Osaka. We didn’t play there, but I hung around the city for a couple days. I got to meet Habi from Gloom! That was a highlight for me. They’ve been a favorite since like 15/16. I only have one band tattoo and its Gloom! Realized is one of my all time favorite grind bands, and we got to play with some of their members new band Malformed Gentleman. Very cool to meet them. Ironfist from GISM/Dieyoubastard gave me daps on my drumming hahaha. That was sick. We ate a bunch of kill food. I bought way too many records. Met this rocker named Harima from Sendai who was in Osaka for work at a record shop and ended up hanging with him all day. Shouts to Harima! I could go on and on. Shouts and thanks to Ivan, Hagamoto, and Naru.

So “The Basement” is finally out! I must say that it is a smashing album. When the band was recording this album, did you guys have the feeling you were onto something special?

Wex: Yeah it’s been out a couple months now! Thank you! I’m really happy with it. I don’t know if I felt that necessarily. I’m certainly proud of it and stoked it’s been so well received.

I couldn’t help but notice that all of your cover art was made by the same artist that helps you with almost all your releases. So, who is it? Will you continue to work with him?

Wex: Tim Shagrat did all the art for the first release Gore From the Gutter. Since then Victor V aka @snakesbloood has done almost all of our art. He’s a really old friend of mine from PHX and came to mind when I needed some art. He’s a professional designer for lots of businesses and punk/metal art is very much not the bulk of his work, but I had seen some darker art he had one years back and I thought he could handle from disgusting murderous artwork and he nails it every time! I don’t really like to use artist that other bands of the same style or similar styles use, just because it all starts to look the same. I think Victor has a really dope defined style and he’s my dawggggg. Def gonna keep using him for art as long as he is willing to help us out.

I know that you`ve released a lot of your stuff on your own, so here is my question. What`s your opinion about the D.I.Y. community? Is it possible to keep doing this nowadays?

Wex: I think with every release we have self released 100 tapes. After that 100 various labels usually pitch in for the vinyl/cd/more tapes. We usually pitch in on the vinyl so we get more than just band copies. I like to have our records on hand for gigs and such and band copies don’t go very far. Grandfather, Suicide of Species, Not Kvlt, and Morbid Reality have been a part of multiple release so shouts to them and all other labels that have helped. DIY ethic is very important to me and very much alive and thriving. The labels for sure help come up with the $$$ needed to do runs of 500 records and help move them much faster than I could alone so I very much appreciate their help. All our tours are booked DIY and always work out great. I run a DIY space in AZ called Master’s Chamber aka Club Million, and it’s cracking. DIY isn’t going anywhere! I have no ambitions to ever make this band exist outside DIY culture.

You`re all living in Arizona, I know that this state is famous for all kinds of strange occurrences. So, have you ever had any weird shit happen to you while out in the desert?

Wex: Haha nah I don’t have any stories of that sort.

Andrew could you tell us about your life in Singapore and your Grind bands there?

Andrew: The only grind band I played in there was Pyogenic Cystclot and that was short-lived because I moved to the U.S.A. shortly after. The bands I played in prior over there were all strictly Metal orientated. Living in Singapore exposed me to a lot more underground/DIY music and fueled my desire for intense and heavy music.

Okay, if you had the opportunity to do a split with the band of your dreams what band would it be that and why?

Wex: Maybe Meat Spreader for current stuff. I’m a major Dead Infection fan and nowadays that band is more DI to me than DI. Excruciating Terror in 1997 because that is the finest grindcore ever made.

Andrew: I would very much like to do a split with Maggut, I think it would be especially sick!

Wex: Agree! Maggut would be awesome.

It’s clear to many of us that Horror and Splatter films are a big influence on your music, is there any particular film that influences you most?

Wex: I actually don’t like horror movies much. I really enjoy the cover art and advertisement posters for old horror flicks. I also like the music from the movies. Goblin type jams. The movies themselves are often boring to me.

Any future plans for new splits or tours in 2019?

Wex: Lots of 2019 plans. We are doing a split with SxOxTxE from Budapest. Our side is recorded already. Just waiting on art and the SxOxTxE trax. Hyped to split with them. Dialed band. We have talked with Archagathus about doing a split LP after that. We haven’t written it or anything yet, but that might be next. Then hopefully work on another LP, but that wouldn’t happen in 2019. As far as tour plans we are doing 10 days with Girth and Gourmet in May/June in route to Earslaughter fest in Montreal. We may be playing a fest in NYC in August I think it is. We’re doing two weeks in Europe with SxOxTxE in October. Really hyped for Europe! We have a couple weekend trips to LA coming up. One with Haggus in a week from now and another for the Morbid Reality 17 year anniversary gig in April with Anarchus, Nausea, Haggus and more.

The last question, could you share your vision of the world with our readers?

Wex: That seems like a big question. It’s big world with lots of problems that I have no practical solution for. I focus on trying to make my world as free feeling as I can. My world and the world are very different and I feel like its a bit lazy for me to disregard the worlds problems and focus more on my world, but like I said the world is so vast with so many issues that I don’t feel I have the power to impact.


Contact:   makeemsweatrecords@gmail.com       Heinous bc

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