Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

a3040599702_10[1]I love and hate pre-orders. I really do. On one hand, it’s fun to get stuff in the mail you forgot about; on the other hand, sometimes I really want that fucking record in my hand. The latter was the case with Bandit’s new release – Warsaw. Bandit is a three piece outfit from Philly that’s known for their live shows; they typically wind up beating the shit out of each other in some fashion, and their vocalist is all over the place and constantly on the move. It’s always fun to catch a live clip from these guys – they’ve got a really intense energy and put on a great show.

But – we’ve always gotta ask – does the release stack up? Well, if the note about me wanting this record in my hands was any indication, I’d say it does. First of all, we need to take a look at the release itself. The artwork is nice and simplistic. I’m not an art major so I won’t take the time to try and dissect its meaning, but, it is eye catching, and it does stand out to me. They stayed away from your typical kind of grindcore cover, and I respect that.

We’ve all seen records before – so let’s talk about the music. Overall – we clock in at 8 tracks for 7:39 of music. If you chop off the old Polish (I think?) music at the end of the last track, it’s really only 5 minutes. Grindcore, baby. These guys don’t take any time to get into it either. There’s no long intro, no noise, no samples – no bullshit. The opening track “Lomza” starts with a blast beat and some dissonant chords, and you’re right into the manic frenzy that is the rest of “Warsaw”. This has all of the right pieces for a solid grind release. The drums are crispy, tight, and present; their drummer (Michael) is a fucking machine. His changes are break-neck and tight as hell. He changes beats on a dime without any changes in intensity. Jack (on guitars) bangs out some really unique riffs that add a chaotic frenzy to the whole thing. I wish there was a little more low end in the guitar, but that’s me being nit-picky. This dude shreds. Last but not least – the vocalist Gene is a goddamn maniac. It sounds like he’s truly giving it his all at all times, and he sounds pissed. There’s a lot of piss and vinegar in those vocals, and it sounds like he might give out from the intensity at any point.

But, he doesn’t. And neither does the rest of the band. This 7″ will kick your teeth in and make you swallow them, and you’ll gladly do it all over again. I’ve listened to this a good ten times while writing this, and I think I’m going to play it a few more.

Rating: 9/10

Review by Nick Vecellio

Bandit Bandcamp

Cricket Cemetery

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