VA – Six Stab Wounds

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is the Grind scene like in France? No? Well if you have no time to google it, you can listen to this amazing compilation instead. 6 bands from different regions of this beautiful country will show you what they’ve got in store. This is are ally huge piece of work. Huge thanks to Coups de Couteau for sending me this nuclear CD.

Angoulême – Yattai. I’ve known this band for a long time and I always love to listen their new noise. So 6 new songs are made in the delicate Yattai style. These guys forcefully push their pumping Grindcore through the listener. I must say this shit is really killer! Nice guitar tone, solid blast beats and aggressive vocals. Hats off to the boys, they didn’t disappoint me.

Orléans – Boris Viande. I’d never heard about this band before… and… Boris Viande literary blew up my brain haha! Fast, intense, ugly and loud. This mix of Powerviolence and Grind has a great balance and nice tempos. Riffs are simple, a few different kinds of vocals and high snare sound (almost like in LDOH). This band is exactly what you need to check out if you`re a fan of violent music.

Angoulême – Vengeance. Oh I remember this band, I even have a few of their 7”s in my collection. I’m already curious about these new songs. Loud – good, various approaches in structure – nice, different yelling and screaming vocals – not bad. In all this material sounds chaotic and wild and I like it. Unfortunately the sound is the weak spot here.

Nantes – Tina Turner Fraiseur. This is another unknown name for me. This band surprised me a lot. First few seconds and I was knocked out with powerful kick in the face, haha! This noise is ridiculously insane, some songs remind me Krupskaya (Great Britain). Neverending blast beats, ferocious guitar and bass. I had feeling that the frontman was trying to spit up his insides during screaming, haha! What a nice discovery for me.

Toulouse – Nolentia. This band is one more interesting discovery for me, what a lucky day for! In my opinion this bands stands out with its low and punishing sound… Yes it’s a bit modern and clean, but I still like it. Guitar sound is tight, growling vocals sound very serious, rhythm section is perfect. I like the balance between all instruments and vocals, everything sounds in harmony and that is really the important thing. I like the small Crust/D-Beat moments, they bring some Punk mood into this gloomy and heavy mess. If you love Grindcore with tinges of Metal taste, this band is for you.

Angoulême – Grün- Grünt. Yes Angoulême city again and one more unknown name for me. This squad is the last in this long list, but it’s not the worst for sure. This Grindcore is really hysterical, chaotic tempos and vocals,crazy riffs and huge portions of blasting. Everything above will make a salad from your mind, haha. The fast/slow structures remind me of Powerviolence but, believe me this Noise is far from that genre. This is a very interesting example of sick Grindcore, I only wish the sound was better.

Rating: 8/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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