Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Sometime even Grind can became boring, in this case you may want to listen to some other genres, maybe even some hits from Madonna or Scorpions. But before you do that I have an interesting proposition for you… Try to listen to some weird Rock’N’Roll, I`m sure it will cheer you up. Here’s one of these strange “wtf, is this a Grind tribute to Lemmy?” albums, hehe. I didn`t know to much about Hobos, I only know that they are based in Italy and this is their second full length. But that is unnecessary, because only the music is necessary here! This nice portion of kick ass Noise charged me with power and positive emotions. Now I will try to explain why I like this CD, so…

These boys start off with some good head-shaking boogie rock, which turns into solid Grind ‘N’ Roll, with strong pumping energy and fantastic cheer up spirit. Then “Uno Di Troppo” nails the listener with some southern Thrash’N’Roll tunes. Song by song this album attacked me with punchy riffs and swing structures. The guitar sounds exactly how it should be, bass is not so powerful but its in there, cool drum sound/beats are present as well. What the hell more do you need? Oh yeah, the vocals… I must say that the singer has done a great job. His roars fit really nice into this mad music. The final number on the record “Essi Vivono” (They Live), this track closes the whole album with, a bit slower tempos, but with lovely rock N roll atmosphere…

These Italian Hobos made my day, this music is exactly what I needed at the moment. So if you want to cheer up with some cool noise, give a chance to Hobos!

Rating: 8/10       Hobos fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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