Durian / God’s America (Bloody Scythe Records)

First thought, which I had in my mind when I looked at this 7″ vinyl was “who the hell came up with an idea to create this “checkerboard” art?! haha. Second thought was “oh shit, this gonna be a really dangerous and kickass release”, because both bands are truly crazy. That’s why I`m waiting for a good and powerful portion of energy from this 7”…

New Jersey guys Durian are the first band on this split that will drill my brain. These guys sound seriously evil on this recording, the riffing has ugly primitive (sometimes even atmospheric) taste. Blast beats are swarming around everything. The bass guitar sounds tremorous, and I really dig the sound. The vocals sound like the most savage demonic shit because of the anger that erupts from the vocalist. This band definitely left a deep scar in my mind…

As you may guess the second band on this split is God’s America. The material is interesting and versatile, I found there some hardcore aggression, grindcore speed, and even a sludge groove. I like how buzzing guitar waves are dancing around a strong rhythym base. Yelling vocal fits perfectly to such crazy music…. Guys managed to create 3 really nice songs, but the there is one weak spot in this recording session. I bet that guys recorded this noise in their home, that’s way it has so garage sound.

Conclusion: I honestly enjoyed of this small split, and if you like speed shit that can blow your mind, give this release a chance.

Rating: Durian – 8.5       God’s America – 7.5

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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