Toxocariasis – Demo II (Destruktomusik)


Todays filthy noise comes from a duo from Toronto, Canada by the name of Toxocariasis. They’ve tagged themselves as “stupid fucking idiot goregrind”, and I love self deprecation, so I was pretty excited to get into this.

This tape has all of the hallmarks of a good DIY cassette – paper labels on the tape, and a one side printed J-card that doesn’t have any unnecessary text or anything else. Does what’s on the tape speak for itself?

This demo offers us 5 tracks of goregrind – right off the bat, I knew this was going to be a solid release. I love hearing a slow guitar ring-out to start a song, especially when there’s a quick vocal grunt and a drum fill – you get kind of a sneak preview of the sound of everything right away. Right after this little “intro”, we go right into the first track. I’ve gotta say – this isn’t your traditional style goregrind! When I first heard this demo, I shared it with the rest of the GGGG team, because something was different about this and I couldn’t put my finger on it, and everyone agreed. We were able to put our finger on it – it’s the drums! The drums on this release are really reminiscent of death metal, and not really goregrind. But, it totally works. It adds a cool feel to the music, and I think it’s really well done. The drums also have a great sound, they are punchy and they sit well in the mix. The guitar has a nice, grinding, low tone to it, and is exactly what you’d expect from a goregrind release. Sadly, I think the vocals could have been a bit louder; they have a great boiled-toilet sound, but it’s kind of hard to hear between the guitar and drums.

These are 5 solid tracks, and I’m looking forward to what these guys do in the future. It’s got a perfect blend of groove and gore, and I think the style of drums they used for this make this stand out a bit more than some other similar releases.

Rating: 8/10


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