Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

This spring, gore blast from Italy released its second work. This work is full of maggots and purulent stench, and the guys from Rectal Purulence Recs noticed that, liked it, and released it. This CDr release looks pretty primitive, but sick. There are just a few photos of surgery and a image of helminths for the back cover. Nothing much as for gore theme, but we have what we have. Regardless, I can assure you that the music inside sounds much uglier and brutal that this cover picture looks.

Embryonic Oozing is 7 minutes of gorenoise that will make you puke. 7 songs that regular metalheads can`t handle, haha! The vocals are sickeningly brutal, these pitch shifted roars are the main things here. The guitars sounds dirty and messy, it cluttered by drum-machine and vocal. By the way, digital blast beats sounds good, their sound is not super annoying. The whole material is a bit better than debut demo, so step by step this project is growing up. Like other gore bands, this rotten unit is using different sound pieces from the movies. But Yakisoba didn`t use a regular samples from old horror films, this band is using fragments from Japanese movies, and that works perfectly with this unholy noise. As for the sound…  there is a lot work to do, it’s still too raw.
I can recommend this small release to real gore fans, who are not looking for Relapse rec sound and bands with big names, because this CDr contains only poor vomiting aggression.

Rating: 7/10    Yakisoba fb     Yakisoba bc
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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