Razgruha – Money Power Greed

I don`t know why but, the Grind scene in Bulgaria is very poor. There are just a small bunch of extreme squads and Razgruha is one of them. This band is not so new, they began their escapades in 2011 in Sofia (Bulgaria). 2017 was a big year for these boys, they finally release their debut album “Money Power Greed”. As far as I know Razgruha made everything on their own, I mean recording, mixing and even releasing… I must say that is true DIY spirit and I appreciate it. As for the music…

These guys used all the attributes of Grindcore. Harsh social commentary lyrics, short riffs, fast blasts, etc. But this album didn’t touch me, I honestly tried to dig it, but I failed. The sound is sloppy and weak, and has an overall metal sound more so than a Punk/Grind one. Most of the songs were created with good middle tempos, it`s ok for Grindcore, but I can’t feel the energy in these songs. Almost all songs are literary lifeless and dry… In general there is nothing new, all the riffs and structures are old and well known. That is not necessarily a bad thing, because many bands build their Noise around that moldy formula. I guess Razgruha worked hard on this album, but the results are frustrating. I`m sure that in live action this band rips, they just had bad luck with this recording and that is it…

Rating: 5.5      Razgruha bc     Razgruha fb

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