Mangle / Fetus Christ

And we are here again with another very British split. I really don’t know why people from UK so love to create such violent music, that still a mystery for me. But, I won’t lie – I really like that barbaric side of that country and its citizens. Split 7” Mangle / Fetus Christ will be topic of this day… These bands deserve to be in my “badass bands from the tea island” list. Both covers are unattractive but they hide some really dreadful violence inside… The beginners Mangle punch me right into the face with just a first and single tune. This shit is really harsh and full of aggressive energy. The structure of these songs is well known to me, slow/fast formula works flawlessly. Probably I can say same about everything else here, but that is not bad at all. Mangle managed to create something stupidly dangerous with just a basic and classical elements of powerviolence/grindcore. This is the noise that boiled my mind and this is the kind of music that I can listen all night long. The only one minus in this recording it it`s a total time… it`s too short to satisfy me, haha!

Be honest Fetus Christ side got bad quality, the sound is messy and hollow… but the material itself is good. This hardcore/pv has more punky taste. Tupa-tupa drums and wild screams are hilarious. Unfortunately fast parts sound just like a noisecore, guitar sound is simply disappearing in blasting moments. But on the other hand it was fun to listen this short and loud blast.

Rating: Mangle – 8.5/10    Fetus Christ – 7/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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