Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Recently I was flooded with a huge load of releases and it’s took some time get this this small split – apologies to the label and bands! This split is presenting the extreme scene of UK, with its fast and slow sides… funny thing is, I tried to listen digital version of this split few times and every time I was bored to death. It sounds so blank and dry, must say I was unpleasantly surprised. BUT, the vinyl version sounds much better (thanks to the analog gods), it has life energy inside, so this small piece of black wax changed my mind about this release. But the sound is not the only important thing here, the cover is a necessary part too. I like this idea with band members photos, yes it looks stupid but on the other hand it`s cool. I bet that people were surprised when they saw these crazy punks making photos in a photo booth, haha!

But let`s go back to the music. First band of this split is Famine from Leeds… This is not regular grindcore, these crazy homosapiens are mixing grindcore with hardcore and fastcore, the result is really great. Corkscrewing riffs stab your mind like these flying creatures in “The Birds” movie. Furious drumming is great too, there are almost no slow beats. This extreme mass also charged with different vocals which are making this music more various and interesting.

The London-based trio Art Of Burning Water attacks us with 3 super heavy songs. This band is differs from Famine, their noise full of heavy hardcore and sludgecore. But it’s still extreme as fuck. I really like how this hysterical vocal follow with slow/fast guitar riffs and massive tone. Rhythm section is here too, their joint work is huge and sound really impressive.
With a boiling energy pumping throughout the material, Art Of Burning Water offers a really strong and painful work that will crush your skull.

Rating: 8/10   Famine     Art Of Burning Water

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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