Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Vicious Circle were formed in Melbourne in 1983, this band is a living legend of violent Hardcore Punk. And it’s fucking great that Power It Up Records picked them up for “The History Of Australian 80’s Punk”. This reissue looks amazing, gate fold, colored vinyl and a huge booklet with old photos, posters and tons of information. Vicious Circle was honored to start this historical Vol 1, which contains the first two albums from the VC discography, 28 songs in total. Note that all of these bullets are charged with raw aggression and protesting spirit. This double LP is a great present for all nostalgic punks!

Let’s go back in time to 1985 when The Price Of Progress was released. This debut album is a perfect example of the consequences of uncontrolled boiling blood, youth and protest. Thirty odd minutes of simple, fast paced, furious Hardcore Punk. Hoarse guitar sound, primitive tunes, riffs and ton of fun. This is how Punk is supposed to sound, just true energy, raw power and uncontrolled speed. This music is loud and catchy it greatly differs from modern Punk and I really like it. Reflections was released in 1986, and on this album Vicious Circle made some really noticable changes. This LP contains more Hardcore material, the riffs and sound are more punching. Most of the songs are short and sharp, even the vocals sound more savage. I can’t say that this is album full of fun, I think this is much more serious work and it sounds appropriate.

Rating: 8/10            Vicious Circle fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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