SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need for slow, hellish music. Sometimes, I just want to hear something that is viciously callous and devastating. Thankfully, noise-terrorists SOOM recently released their second album Джєбарс, to be honest I expect a lot from this
full length…
Chief of the Robustfellow label gave me this tape for review. I must say, I was really surprised with its looks and design. This is some truly nerdy stuff; the colors, the form, the way the whole hardcover connected – it’s really something. All polygraphy was made in Ukraine but the tapes were made and recorded in the UK. The quality of this sound just paralyzed me, haha! To be honest, I’ve seen SOOM live about 5 times and and they touched me only once, at the really first time with old line up, that was a show in small dirty bar, but the atmosphere and sound were amazing. Unfortunately all next times when I saw them, they had no effect on me. But I really dig their first album and hopefully “Джєбарс” is cool too…
This albums begins with long, heavy and slow intro… the whole first song is just an intro. “Вщент” is the first thing with real riffs and suffocating sound. I do not know how this tape was recorded (maybe it was done with some help from demons or something) but it sounds monstrous – my speakers go crazy with all these vibrations. SOOM produce low hypnotic tunes that could scare you. This pleasant heaviness slowly envelops you and than crushes you. Most of these songs are full of classical sludge/doom/drone elements. But that doesn’t mean that this noise is a clone of famous bands. These dope-smokers have their own way, with their own specific tunes and theme of ancient magical molphars (it’s something like pagan wizards). I also found a lot of noise and psychedelic experiments on this piece, guys didn`t limit themselves in music creation and that is very best.
“Джєбарс” is that mix of confusion and joy that comes from saying, “What on earth is this?” then moving to “Whatever this is, it rules!”
Rating: 8/10    SOOM fb      SOOM bc
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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