Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

We have talk about a lot, but there will be always some of split/album that you`ve never heard and want to talk about. For today’s review I picked up a dirty and noisy split from two bands from Madrid city. Can’t say that both of these squads are well known outside of their country, but Bad Grind Spencer and Mindcollapse deserve to be shown to grind fans. Please pay a bit attention for this cover. I really like this idea, the designer made fun of stupid celebrities who are wearing underground merchandise… and I agree with him, these fuckers should be punished!
Just a short static noise, and Bad Grind Spencer started to play. Hmm… all songs have traditional elements for this genre, but that didn`t make this music boring. This dirty clot of aggression has a lot of power which is nice, guitar tone is loud, screams are good and hysterical. Drums are a little bit sloppy but it`s usual thing. Unfortunately I didn`t hear the bass guitar, it’s cluttered with everything else and the whole sound wasn’t prepared for this format so the high and low frequency were cut off.
As far as I know this a debut work for Mindcollapse, guys used their demo for this split. These matadors are throwing 5 nasty song right into our faces. All tracks are charged with a crazy portion of ferocity and anger. Mindcollapse are mixing old raw grindcore with hyperspeed crust punk that why their noise is catchy and heavy as fuck. I really like how this harsh grind growl is compounded with all instruments. Must admit that this side sounds better than side A but it could be better.
Rating: Bad Grind Spencer – 6.5/10       Mindcollapse – 7.5/10
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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