Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

We know Italy as an impulsive and emotional nation… But, the guys from Double Me showed a ton of dead patience. Destroyed In A Second is their first full length and they poured every bit of raw emotion into this slab of wax. This album was delayed many times, master lp was denied a few times and even the recording session was delayed. It seems that this album was cursed, haha. Even the parcel with this album was lost and came to me in damaged condition after two month of waiting. So I can’t skip this album, there were so many struggles around this noise, the least I can do is write a few words about it.
This material was recorded without guitars, so we have here just pure Drum and Bass Violence. I must admit that it took me some time to dig this album. The noise is not exactly what I’m used to, so I tried to listen to it again and again, and that was worth of it. The tremoring sound of the bass guitar is not super heavy, it has no ultra low or ugly distorted effects, but it sounds very nice (this is one of the strongest points of this album). The drums are a bit sloppy, but I still like them… The whole material feels slow (if I`m able to call Powerviolence slow), but I believe that is the trick, because I hear that the riffs are fast and I feel/hear good fast blasting parts, but even after my 3rd time listening my brain refused to call this noise fast. That is very tricky stuff. Ah yes, the vocals. There are a few kinds presented here, classical yelling and growls, I must say that these guys overdid it with the growls and a lot of vocal parts sound boring. Visually this LP is really hard to define as a Powerviolence release. This gray painting looks unusual, it’s confusing, I believe that upon first glance, people will be thinking this is Post Hardcore but, not Powerviolence. But on the other hand this breaks the rules, which is really cool. Rating: 7.5/10 Double Me fb Double Me bc

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