Cystgurgle / Vomitoma

Gorenoise is definitely not a place for cowards. The split I’m about to review will explain why. We have here two very nasty and heavy projects. Cystgurgle (Thailand) and Vomitoma (USA) have prepared for you a ton of filthy and harsh material. The sounds of sonic vomit will smash and melt you down, but on the other hand this tape is full of fun! I want start with the first name on this split, the duo Cystgurgle. My aquaintance with this act started with their 7” Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo, I was really surprised with their massive and dirty sound and monstrous bass guitar sound. However, this material is something different. The whole concept is more borderline Gorenoise, everything is very dirty and noisy. Bass riffs have turned in some kind of mess, so its function more like background sound. The main thing that you will hear (and what will damage your hearing) is the snare sound. It’s ridiculously loud and has high ringing sound. Second thing is the vocals, distorted and horrible these vocals are the audible variant of vomit stench. I must say I really dig this new Cystgurgle. The second band is a legendary one man machine, Vomitoma. Raw, liquid,putrid sound that slowly begins eating you… That’s how I can describe this shit, ha! God damn, these pitch shifted vocals sound really loud and dreadful (btw, that is a mainstay here). I like the bass too, I can almost recognize some of the riffs. Here’s one small but, very worthwhile addition. Live drums that were recorded by Adrian (Putrefuck). The blastbeats are a bit punky and goofy but they combine very well with the vocals. Only the last song has super annoying drum-machine that drills your head like crazy. That track was really the last nail in the coffin of cowards, haha! Rating: 8/10

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