Sociasylum – Crossroads

Sociasylum is a new band from Estonia, playing none other than new age Grindcore. The band was formed in 2011, and Crossroads is their second album. I must admit, these guys made a lot of preparations for this massive release. The design is nice, dark colors, gloomy concept altogether these components are making a very cool image. Sound is good, a bit modern but loud and fits perfectly to all 11 songs. When I put this CD into my stereo I had to increase the volume, because I wanted to consume the atmosphere of this album. This Blackened Grind/Hardcore can bite, haha. I can’t highlight any of these songs because each of them is a part of a bigger picture. The structure of many of these tracks contain disarrayed verses that lay a chaotic groundwork. I`m not particularly a big fan of modern extreme music, but the guitars with their peculiar dissonance nailed me. I like the drums, blasting parts have precise speed and sound. Besides the Grind/Crust base there is a lot of swing moshing Hardcore notes in the whole structure. That makes the music more dynamic. Of course, we have the usual problem with the bass guitar, it`s cluttered with all the other instruments (I believe that’s because of the compressed sound). Thankfully that compression has no effect on the atmosphere of the whole album, so it sounds deep and dark. Rating: 8/10 Sociasylum bc Sociasylum fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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