Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Do you remember Romeros movies? Do you remember how the dead came back to life? Sometimes it happens with old bands. Moldy Grind bastards Psychoneurosis are here again! This Polish squad is legendary, and it`s nice to see them alive. For the reunion split release they picked up Agathocles, well known noise terrorists from Belgium. All this noise was released under Selfmadegod records in CD format. I must say the result is very pleasant. 2 pieces of cover art (you can switch them to your own taste), band photos, lyrics and more. But in total we have here only 12 songs, that’s not much but this split is really rad. After a screaming intro, Agathocles starts their attack. That’s what I call real Mincecore! I want to highlight the sound of this recording session. Also I noted 1 small lovely change in these songs. Jan used a pitch shifter! Just a bit, but it helps to refresh the songs, in my opinion. They sound heavier now. Guitar buzzing like a mad hive of bees, and the drums are raw and fast and the bass is crispy. This is one of my favorite AG release from this year. Psychoneurosis do their best, the new material sounds heavy as fuck, haha! The sound has a slight Metal taste, also it`s massive and bulldozing. All the songs are dynamic and loud, so you won`t be bored. These guys used few different kinds of vocals, in my opinion that is good, because that makes the songs brighter. The guitar has rather Death Metal tone rather than Grind , but that’s not bad at all. There is one thing that stands out in the swarming drumming. The cowbell sounds incredible here, it makes this Noise spicier. In the end I can only say that I held in my hands a robust split with two epic dinosaur bands. Rating: 8.5/10 Agathocles fb Psychoneurosis fb

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