Uitschot / Agathocles

The stream of new splits from Agathocles doesn`t ever seem to run dry, and that is awesome. This time we have a split with Uitschot (old band of Koen AG). This piece has pretty nasty cover art… A vomiting person who`s feeding the birds. The perfect way describe both of these bands to those who’ve never heard about Mince and Grind, haha! Inside I found a nice insert that depicted old photos and lyrics, nothing special but it looks good. Uitschot are no longer active punks, so thematerial that you will hear was recorded more than 10 years ago. So you can call it a blast from the past, hehe. To be honest i don`t like how this noise sounds. All the songs have a dull sound, but that’s how it’s supposed to sound, that old diy punk recording tone. Simple riffs, goofy structures, bad mastering and the fire of passion in the music. Most songs sound similar, I guess that’s why it started to be boring at the middle of Uitschot’s side. Noise and madness that’s how I can describe this A side. Mighty Agathocles is performing with 10 old punk-influenced dirty songs with lyrics about nihilism, toxic hell, society’s bullshit and protest against the system. All the noise was recorded back in 2014 (so it`s not so fresh) but it sounds very alive. During the listening I realized that the vinyl version sounds more catchy (yes it’s dirty and lacks in frequencies but it doesn’t like garbage) than the digital variant that I found on the Internet. Musically there is nothing new, Belgian veterans just playing their brand of Mincecore that is full of hate… So if you`re into this band you should definitely get this split in your collection because it worth of it! Rating: Uitschot 7/10 Agathocles: 7.5/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE! 

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