Convulsions / Recalcitrant

Since the the early 80’s and through the following decades, Grindcore was never a stable genre. Over the years this amorphous substance mutated into something more aggressive, more ferocious and with heavier sound. It’s like a race, where everyone is trying to hold the lead position, hehe. So it comes as no surprise that nowadays Grindcore is drastically different than it’s origins. Speaking of modern Grind… Today I want to spin a great split with fresh bands that are worthy of your attention. I hold in my hands the result of friendship between Spanish Grinders, Convulsions and American Grinders, Recalcitrant. This Grindcore salad is served with blasting sauce and a pint of bitter buzzing sound. I won’t lie, the look of this release is not attractive at all, but the sound of this split is full of tasty tunes. So… The first band is Convulsions and the first song is Apurando El Día. This is blood boiling Grindcore, it`s fresh and it`s full of live energy. This noise sounds like hyperspeed punk rock, ha! Simple riffs, fast structures, good guitar tone. These rather specific kind of vocals (it sounds like guttural screaming) fit perfectly with this madness. All the noise from the cymbals and drum set line up with all the other instruments, so it doesn’t pop-out. It seems that everything is in harmony, but there is one small issue I had, I didn’t hear the bass guitar, that`s a pity. Recalcitrant came up with an absolutely jaw dropping session. I feel like they put all their hate and anger into these songs. I really dig this side, this noise is heavier than Convulsions, these US Grinders use a lot good tricks from old school Grind bands (personally I feel influences from Assuck and Excruciating Terror). Blasting speed is really good (without breaking the sound barrier), the drummer switches into some groove beats which just feel right. Guitar is a bit messy, but in general it sounds badass and yes, the vocals sound barbaric and evil. Recalcitrant didn’t forget to use all the necessary Grind ingredients and the result is very potent. Rating: 8/10 Convulsions fb Recalcitrant fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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