Anorectal Ulceration – Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster

The mighty river of gore – Gangese, gave birth to a very sick band. A band that surprised the Grind underground with its debut album. I`m talking about Anorectal Ulceration and their album Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster. As far as I know these Indian bastards worked long and hard on this recording, my hat’s off to them, these guys have done an impressive and massive job. Believe me this work worthy of listening. Starting fwith the cover design (that isn’t overflowing with gore images and I respect that) the main cover of this CD is charged with toxic audio stench. I`m really excited to hear this noise, hope you are too. I’m pressing the button and… A whole bucket of rot and vomit pours straight on me, ha! This noise is ripping my guts out! The sound is pleasantly heavy and dirty, I honestly want to say that Anorectal Ulceration caught a really old and good Gore sound. In all 22 songs I hear a lot of juicy inspiration from LDOH and Regurgitate (these guys definitely chose the right direction). Buzzing sound from chainsaw guitar combines perfectly with the disgusting blasting drums. The distorted growls are fucking mad! Oh wait a minute, I just found a secret of this sound. Mixing and mastering was done by old pervert Guillaume (Pulmonary Fibrosis), that guy knows how to create perfect Gore. I do not want to highlight any of the songs, because all of them are badass, and they sound like one mutilated piece of flesh. And the very last dot… This album warmed my ugly heart, haha! Rating: 8/10 Anorectal Ulceration fb Anorectal Ulceration bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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