Mesrine – Old School ’99 (Uranium Overdose)

Are you itching for real dirty, primitive, and noisy grindcore from 90’s? Not a problem! Uranium Overdose has prepared a very lovely re-issue of some old material from the band Mesrine. This limited edition release contains songs from two of the very first releases from these crazy Canadians; a 3 Way Split CD with Traumatism and Nyctophobic + split with legendary Rot. As far as I know, all tracks were remastered. Hopefully, they sound not so messy now (we will check that in second part of our review). The artwork looks like a cover from the 90’s or 80’s. Simple white and black colors, funny corpse with ripped belly – everything looks exactly like in old days. You may say that this is stupid, maybe you`re right, but that perfectly works with grindcore. The vinyl has nice and light marble green color, it really pleasant to hold it in your hands and watch when it spins on your turntable.   

Side A is the first 8 songs. 45 RPM couple of minutes of cave crazy fun. So the tracks after remastering sound louder, but they are still messy. Drums and vocal are on the first line, as for guitar it is heavy and buzzing (which is cute) but it`s mostly cluttered with drums and screams. Despite those problems, I get a lot of pleasure listening this side. Pure, crazy, wild and so simple that how grind should be.

Side B, 4 songs from the split with mighty gods Rot.  This side is better, guitar sound is louder and everything is in nasty harmony, hehe. But in general, material is very close to side A. Raw and furious, that how I can describe this old noise.

Last words – This is interesting release, and it’s worth listening to and worth being in your collection, even if you`re not a big fan of raw grindcore.

Rating: 8/10 Mesrine fb
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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