Marxbros / Travølta

What could hide under artwork like this? Anarchopostpunkreggae? Funny grind? Nope – guys we have here a strong hardcore/violence 12” with two young but not stupid bands. Of course the cover is mostly a joke and it could push you away from this release, but I assure you, this noise is worth of your time. No more words, I’m putting this pitch black vinyl on my turntable and pressing the button! Netherland guys with the strange name Marxbros are on side A; we’ll start with them. After a few songs I realized that this noise reminds me of real hardcore, with all simplicity, anger, and fun. There is no hip-hop stuff like in famous hardcore bands and I really appreciate it. It’s rare to find bands in this genre which are true to the old school. Punky drums, wild yelling, simple guitar tone, good and catchy riffs are the ingredients of real and honest noise. Dutch language especially good for music like this, it makes everything spicier. Can’t say that these guys took my heart, but I honestly enjoyed their material. Last, but not least, is Travølta. I know these cock-sparrows from Heultje city for a long time. Behind the goofy name is a lot of hidden potential. Travølta starts with clanging bass intro that turns into a violence massacre. Each song is full of punk energy and violence. Every component of this recording session has a pretty modern sound (on my taste of course), but together drums, guitar, bass and vocal create a twisting mess that sounds pretty nice. This is not the heaviest music that you could hear, but I`m sure that powerviolence/fastcore fans will be satisfied. Rating: 7.5/10 Travolta bc MarxBros bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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