ACxDC / Goolagoon (Dead Heroes rec)

Make America violent again! I guess thats how we can refer to this split. US hardcore/violence guys from ACxDC and Goolagoon put their forces together to finish off our minds. Good violence should have nice a face… So besides the extreme content, this release has very interesting and lovely look. The vinyl has pleasant splatter structure with warm colors. Inside of sleeve (which depict two covers) you will find a poster with both bands, stickers and much more. With all of this, my tactile needs were satisfied. Now I hope to satisfy my ears with a good and loud portion of noise. Antichrist Demoncore starts this mosh pit. This is the very last material that was recorded. I know that there still a hype about this band, but I still don’t get why this squad is so popular, haha! Generally this material is good, not so badass as the first releases, but cool, there a lot of loud riffs and groovy moments. Can`t say that I find this songs remarkable, they aren’t much different from their previous works, but all songs are played with high skill. When I spin their side on my turntable I notice that this material has lack in upper and lower frequencies… it spoils the listening impression a bit. Goolagoon is a young band that mix hardcore punk with powerviolence. Their material is nice, I didn’t find anything special, but I had fun during the listening. But there is one huge and negative minus; The sound killed everything, the vinyl sounds even worse than the mp3 on bandcamp. It is very quiet without juicy and necessary frequencies. What a pity… Rating: ACxDC – 7/10 Goolagoon – 6/10 Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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