Bloody Phoenix / Lycanthrophy / Skunk / Disturbance Project (Dead Heroes rec)

It has been years since this album was released, I wanted this LP so much, but only this year I got a chance to get this beautiful beast, haha! Yeah I know, all the bands on this release are bloody good, I don’t need to go into detail about them… But the names were not the first thing that caught my eye. Look at this artwork, this image is absolutely killer! It was made by Szymon Siech ( and this work perfectly fits with this noise and incredibly conveys the atmosphere of madness from all 4 bands. But, enough about the artwork, let’s jump into our first band on the line – Bloody Phoenix! As far as I know this is the final recording from Bloody Phoenix and they are here to harm your ears with 5 brutal songs for the last time. The songs are overflowing with ferocity, each track feels like a strong punch. Savage screams, crazy blast beats and buzzing guitar sound, that’s what we want to hear from this band and we are given all of the above. I want to highlight the last song Bella Ciao. This really crazy song was made with the inspiration of weird Russian groove war songs, and honestly, it sounds very great. But there is one negative moment in this material. The sound is not loud enough, everything sounds a bit dumb. Czech Fastcore warriors Lycanthrophy are honored veterans of the European Noise scene. I’m glad that they are on this split. If you have heard this band once you will recognize them every time. They have their own crazy style and powerful speed. The vocals are especially spicy here, but the riffs are good too. Punky blasting is simply badass and the bass sound makes this mess decent. They recorded 9 songs for this split, but it`s very hard to notice pauses between songs, so this material sounds like one big and mad swarm of the piranhas. Skunk is responsible for the Crust mood on this LP. These Canadian fuckers know how to create really cheerful and groovy music. Simple and catchy riffs, clear structures and a ton of dirty power, that’s what Skunk sounds like. The caveman vocals are sick, and I can say the same about their guitar tone. Goofy drums are here too, together they are creating very cohesive noise, that sticks to you and makes start to sing the rhythms. This band has two members from Archagathus, I guess that is the main reason why these riffs sound very similar to Arch material. Spanish grinders from Disturbance Project are closing this rodeo. This band is very sharp and dangerous… Their Noise comes at you lighting fast, like a Bullet Train of fist-pumping perfection. All the songs are short (it`s a standard of Grindcore) and charged with huge load of energy. This combination of riffs, vocals, and blasting drumming could be compared with a harsh fight. While listening to this band you will imagine yourself inside the cage during an MMA-style match. The bottom line, however, is this is an old split but, it’s still one of the best split’s to come out over the last few year. Rating: 8.5/10 Bloody Phoenix Lycanthrophy Skunk Disturbance Project Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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