Camphora Monobromata – Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (No Bread rec)

Are you on the hunt for some Punk fueled Grind in the vein of Agathocles and Rot? Well then, Camphora Monobromata is the band that you are looking for! Today I will cover the latest full length from this Russian band. This piece of putrid noise was released by No Bread Records in wonderful digi-pack format. The gloomy art is a projection of the whole album… somehow this image looks scary, Jon (the artist) did a great job. 
Song by song, these guys are proving that they are one of the finest Grind band’s in Russia. The riffs are primitive, tempos are groovy and the vocals are loud. These are the perfect ingredients, but with chainsaw guitar that mess sounds even better. Can`t say that Camphora Monobromata found a good sound; it’s solid, but a bit dry for my taste. There is one weird thing that I noted from the very beginning. Why does the drummer use triggers? That sounds very strange in this mincing-grinding music… Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls is not a groundbreaking album, or something new that has to be heard, but it can stand on its own as a quality Mincecore creation that is not afraid of throwing its sound out there among the thousands of other grind bands. This is a Mincecore release, don’t forget that, if you don’t like raw and fast Grind at all, don’t buy this, you won’t like it, but if you’re into this kind of noise, go ahead and check out this album!
Rating: 7.5/10  Camphora Monobromata fb 

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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