All Over The Face – Like a Bull

This was one of those unexpected promos; they are rare in my practice. Guys from Switzerland sent me a big parcel with their debut album “Like a Bull”. I was surprised when I opened it, there was both the LP and CD version of this full length… I must admit not every day you receive 2 formats of one release. So as I said All Over The Face are from Switzerland, they came together 5 years ago, not sure if I can still call them an active band. During their years of existence they played a bunch of gigs and released 1 album. In my opinion this band is a bit weird, because it’s mixing everything together; Punk, Metal, Crust, Grind and Hardcore. Like a Bull has a rather unattractive red cover, but it has huge portion of hate inside. All 9 songs are about our rotten world and our ugly behavior. This album is intense and fast, with quality sound and mixing. But, I found it very strange and it took me some time to realize why it’s so hard to listen to this album through to the end. These guys are using many riffs, structures and tunes from different genres and together it sounds cluttered. I don’t want to be an asshole, but this album can be compared to Frankenstein’s Monster or to a broken puzzle. Bass, drums, guitar, every instrument sounds good, but the way they`re combined is weird; the whole 20 minute album simply didn’t catch my attention. Rating: 6/10 All Ove rThe Face fb Official site

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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