Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader (Left Hand Patches)

I bet that gore community was jumping out of its pants when information about this split appeared. Well, I knew about this super release from the beginning (don’t ask me about my channels); I waited a long time and it was worth it. This is the first release from young Polish label Left Hand Patches (ex Fat Ass rec) and this debut is very hot! It has not typical for goregrind art, you won’t find any blood or human remains in the front image or inside… that maybe weird but I like this unusual art from Luisma. I guess there is no need to tell you about these bands, right? We all know these ancient heroes, that’s why I just want to put this CD in my player and set the volume to the maximum!

This CD is opened with a nice and creepy into, in my opinion this is the best opening words for this ugly CD. Following this small snatch is two songs from Spanish veterans Haemorrhage. These guys are active nearly 30 years, this year they released a very punchy album We Are The Gore. Well I expected a lot from their side… well I’m a little disappointed.
These songs are not really close the their top notch material. I can’t say that this is total disaster, but this material is definitely not the best.

Next are American legend Hemdale…and holy shit, the pressure from this sound just nailed me, haha! This shit is heavy as Hell! Sound is dirty and the noise wall of it just squeezed my head, haha! Sound of the bass guitar has incredibly crushing power. Distorted guitar is going after the bass, but it hard to hear it, mostly it creating creates a density in this mass. Roars and screams are so savage, they are loud and full of ferocity… And yeah, this evil noise reminds me LDOH a little bit.

Third and the last band is Meat Spreader, it’s the united forces of Poland. Ex members of Dead Infection, Squash Bowels and Neuropathia. Guys recorded 3 songs for this split
and all of them have a brand new sound and energy. Jaros vocal is freaking strong, it still loud and disgusting. It’s easy to recognize Tochas guitar sound and style. Arthurs bass is not so loud as it supposed to be, sometimes it hard to catch. The drums parts is the real thing here. Every cymbal, tom and bass drum is easily heard, the snare has old sound with is really lovely!

All 3 bands does their best to merge the world of gore, and they do it really damn well.

Rating:  Haemorrhage – 7.5/10   Hemdale – 8.5/10 Meat Spreader – 8/10
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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